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OPEN-ENDED natural products that truly allow children to use their imagination to explore and play! Designed by an Australian Early Childhood Teacher

What are open-ended play toys?

There is a difference between toys that have been made for one purpose and toys that are open-ended in their nature. Toys that have been made for one purpose are not ‘bad’ and have their place. For example, a toy made for one purpose could be a puzzle. It is intended for one use only, to be put together. Once a child has put it together themselves a few times you may need to get a more difficult or new puzzle to keep them engaged.

Open-ended toys are used differently each time children play with them, allowing for multiple purposes in play. A classic example of an open-ended play resource we are all familiar with is wooden blocks. Children use open-ended resources in a variety of ways fostering children’s creativity, allowing them freedom and choice. One day the toy may be used one way and another day it’s being used for a completely different purpose. There is no prescribed ‘right’ or ‘wrong way’ to play with open-ended toys. This allows for limitless play opportunities. Open-ended play toys are different than toys that are made for one purpose because they give children opportunities to truly use their imagination to explore and play!

At Explore Nook we are passionate about designing natural toys that foster open-ended play opportunities for children. When we design resources we want children feel their innate sense of curiosity and wonder awakened, inviting them to play. The best learning resources have no boundaries!

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