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This Mini Bamboo Roll is perfect for children investigating rolling small objects. Using natural clay or pebbles to build up the ramps is the perfect way for engineering unique designed mini ball runs.

“These are just so cute! The mini channels and mini bamboo rings are just gorgeous.” These are the usual responses we get from people who see the Mini Bamboo Roll set. The natural textures of these miniature bamboo pieces are ideal for fine motor and sensory play.

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It comes with three natural mini bamboo rolling rings as a starter, though there is no limit to what children can investigate rolling, including gum-nuts, macadamia nuts, marbles, pebbles or even their own clay moulded balls!  The Mini Bamboo Roll  set can be added to loose parts or combined with blocks for further building extensions. This set is perfect for fine motor and sensory play.

As children build bamboo ramps and investigate rolling a variety of objects they gain a deeper understanding of foundational maths and science concepts (STEM).  There are so many opportunities for children to practise problem solving, engage in open-ended play and investigate rolling a variety of objects. This natural learning resource is made from natural bamboo and every piece is unique.

Mini Bamboo Roll Set includes:

4 X natural mini bamboo ramp channels  (diameter varies from 4cm to 4.5cm and lengths from 15cm – 19.5cm)

3X natural mini bamboo rolling rings (diameter 2.5-2.8cm)

(No marbles included)

PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE this Mini Bamboo Run set with our BEST SELLING Bamboo Construct & Roll set. This Mini Bamboo Roll does not have bamboo stands and is much, much smaller. If you want to construct serious ball runs and want to be able to roll cars down it as well, then our Bamboo Construct & Roll set would be perfect! The Mini Bamboo Roll is for small fine motor play only.

NOTE: BAMBOO PIECES IN SETS MAY HAVE STRESS MARKS OR NATURAL CRACKS. These cracks are to be expected when using a natural resource such as bamboo and will not effect how resource is played with.  All pieces have varying shape based on how it naturally grew and therefore many pieces are not perfectly round. Each piece has a character of its own and each set is in someway unique, with varying shades of colour and shape.

This product made in Vietnam and is for children 3 years and above.

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