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Explore Nook Third Party Images Policy

We want to support you in your marketing and have many images for you to use for your own website or social media. To do this and ensure that images are correctly credited you must ensure you follow the Use of Explore Nook and Third Party Images Policy:


All images and videos are owned by Explore Nook Pty Ltd in the Stockist pack or images you have been given access to via dropbox and therefore must be used with Explore Nook brand recognised in your copy for website product page or social media:

Eg. Explore Nook – Bamboo Construct & Roll or @explorenook if used via Instagram

Those images and videos that are in folders in dropbox marked with Instagram tag eg. @playinspirations  need to be credited for their work if used on website or instagram


Instagram is a minefield when it comes to crediting the photographer.

PLEASE ASK US BEFORE POSTING ANY IMAGES ON INSTAGRAM. We are happy for you to do this but we just need to check first which ones. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FILTERS. Many of our Instagram influencers have requested that their photos, if shared, DO NOT have any other filters applied.

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More Marketing Support

We look forward to partnering with you in providing children with natural open-ended play resources! We are happy to work with you in whatever capacity you require.

Website Product Descriptions

Please feel free to copy our product descriptions for your own store product descriptions. Also PLEASE when giving our products a title please use our brand EXPLORE NOOK for example ‘Explore Nook Bamboo Construct & Roll’ or ‘Explore Nook Wooden Water Ways’.

Some more helpful downloadable resources:

Explore Nook Logo for your use on your website for brands that you stock

Explore Nook Retail  Video Sales Tips:

Here are a few videos to help you if you are selling the Bamboo Construct & Roll resource face to face in your store or at a trade show or market.

Video 1: Explore Nook – Bamboo Construct & Roll – Retailer selling tips

Video 2: Explore Nook Bamboo Construct & Roll – Retailer selling tips

Video 3: Explore Nook Bamboo Construct & Roll – Retailer selling tips

Selling to Early Learning Centres:

We have extensive experience selling to Early Learning Centres and Early Childhood Conferences. We can provide you with sales scripts and advice on approaching Early Learning Centres to do face to face sales. If this is something you are interested in please call us and we can help support you in this.

Please contact us if you require any further sales or marketing support.

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