Ultimate Natural Ball Run Set!


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DON’T solve your child’s problems! Allow children to learn problem solving, resilience and critical thinking!

Allowing children to solve problems without adult intervention encourages creative thinking, builds resilience, promotes critical thinking skills, and promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Step back and allow children to fail in their design, talk with others about possible solutions as they engage in this high end thinking resource that allows children to construct and design their own ball run. Children cannot help but engage in critical thinking as they see the cause and effect of their engineering design. They will build, fail, build resilience and re-design until they come up with their own ultimate ball run!

The question is can you as the educator step back from the learning and watch your children create or will you step in too early to come to the rescue? Resist the temptation and let your children engage in the deep learning process of design!

Awakening the architect and demolition expert in every child this resource provides so many learning opportunities for children to design, and engage in thinking skills that will develop their insight into engineering creativity!   

The Smash Jump & Roll combined with our Bamboo Construct & Roll set is the ultimate natural ball run set! This set also includes 3 Wooden Balls Children will have the ultimate set ups with all these amazing resources combined into one ULTIMATE PACK!

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Set includes:

1 Smash Jump & Roll set

1 Bamboo Construct & Roll set

3 Wooden Balls 45mm diameter

Designed by an Australian Early Childhood Teacher and crafted in Vietnam

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 80 × 16 × 22 cm

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